Blue Rabbit Swing Module

A Blue Rabbit Climbing Frame is perfect for healthy outdoor fun. All the Blue Rabbit climbing frames are designed for the DIY market. So everything you need to build your Blue Rabbit climbing frame is included – timber, drill bits and instructions. All the timber provided is already treated to ensure longevity and round edged to ensure safety. The beams are connected with solid bolts and the nuts are protected with plastic bolt caps. All Blue Rabbit climbing frames conform to European EN71-8 safety standards and come with free UK delivery. Blue Rabbit climbing frames look great and children love them. However, if you need any more convincing check out these great reasons below why you should buy a Blue Rabbit climbing frame.

Blue Rabbit – Healthy Active Fun
Blue Rabbit climbing frames encourage children outdoors to have some healthy active fun. When children are climbing and swinging they are getting exercise without even realising it. Playing on a climbing frame also helps develop a child’s sense of balance and coordination. Playing outdoors is a great way to strengthen a child’s’ immune system, making them less prone to illness.

Blue Rabbit – Develop Communication Skills
When playing with other children on a Blue Rabbit climbing frame children are encourage to communicate with each other. They need to communicate to take turns and successfully play together. Children will also learn leadership skills as they play and show others how to use the climbing frame.

Blue Rabbit – Creative Play
Outdoor play is a great way to encourage children to get creative and use their imagination. Playing outdoors sets a child’s imagination free and a Blue Rabbit climbing frame can be transformed into a pirate ship or a princess castle in no time. Outdoor play has no instruction
manual so there are no rules, children can play as they choose.

Blue Rabbit – Problem Solving
Playing on a climbing frame helps children understand how things work. They need to work out how to climb, how to slide and how to swing. The need to work out different climbing technique and which are successful and which are not. These type of problem solving skills can be easily transferred from a Blue Rabbit climbing frame to other situations.

Blue Rabbit – Concentration
Playing outdoors can help reduce anxiety and give children a more relaxed frame of mind when they are back inside learning. Outdoor play is a also natural attention builder and children that struggle with academic work often have better concentration levels after they have spent some time outdoors.