This 50 Pc Magnetic Tile Set includes an added variety of shapes such as windows, rectangles, and triangles of all shapes to increase creativity of every child. Even includes one magnetic Car so that kids can now travel anywhere their imagination and creativity can take them. Playmags work with any other magnetic tiles so that you can add playmags to any collection. The magnetic Playmags tiles so very easily connect which prompts kids moving from constructing two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. The most magnificent high rise 3D towers are designed by little kids who have now developed into critical thinkers through creative play! Playing with Playmags stimulates right side brain training through delightful and fun construction. As they build, kids develop the tools for spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking and math reasoning. Now with more shapes, Playmags are even more fun than any magnetic Building Set out there.

Includes: 1 car

6 windows – 2 big boards – 4 rectangles

8 triangles – 4 oblong triangles – 6 equilateral triangles

19 squares

Winner of dr toy award and national parenting seal of approval.