What a great accessory to any playmags set. this 4 pack car set with 16 gates is uniquely shaped so it brings the potential of magnetic tile building to a new stage. Now kids can build cars, trucks, busses, and anything with wheels by adding these magnetic wheel bases. Even has links so that you can make the longest train! Choo…Choo…. These cars are designed with safety in mind. wheels will never pop off making it safe for any household with little kids around. Also great for kids playgroups. Playmags Building blocks are unique, the magnets attract on all sides and even when flipped around. Children will effortlessly learn through creative play. Place the pieces together on flat surface to make designs. build a cube with six squares and notice how the first two pieces placed next to each other create instant support and allow additional pieces to be added easily. this toy offers hours and hours of fun – children can build various projects and let their imagination go wild with ideas. create cubes, houses, airplanes,cars,fish, and so much more.

Includes 4 magnetic Car Beds with connected wheels so Its safe for little kids.

16 Magnetic Gates.

Bright assorted colours.

Works with any other magnetic tiles.