Grow Garden Crafts recognizes that sometimes you just have to play in the dirt. Whether you live in an apartment building or are stuck inside because of the weather, our Grow garden crafts will engage the imagination of young green thumbs all year round. Help youngsters connect with nature through creativity and care. Kids can express their artistic side with these crafts while still learning how to tend to their growing plants. It’s time for children to be included in this popular hobby, so captive their developing minds while promoting creativity with these planters, terrariums and more.

Gardening meets emoji crafts for kids. Sow the seeds of happiness. Why choose between being a budding botanist and aspiring artist when this cool crafting kit combines indoor gardening and creativity into one super fun project? Decorate your emoji container and plant chia seeds inside. Watch as your smiley face starts to fill up with growing chia sprouts after just a few days.