Encourage those first steps with this brilliantly busy walker!

Part of the Fantastic Firsts range, it’s been designed to inspire little tots to find their feet and get moving. The walker projects light in interesting combinations on the floor to encourage baby to walk.

Alternatively, an activity board of exciting features slides up for hands-on play or the walker folds down for floor-time fun! With 70 songs, sounds and activities (including a glowing light dome, peekaboo slider and piano keys), the 3-in-1 Activity Table has more than enough to keep little ones entertained for hours.


  • 3 Ways to Light Up the Fun!
  • Walker: Lights project from the dome onto the floor creating interesting combinations inspiring baby to walk. Lights project as far as 8 feet
  • Activity Table: The activity board slides up for Activity Table play and is filled with fun features.
  • Sit and Play: Walker folds down for floor play.  Folds flat for easy storage!
  • There are 3 play modes
  • Words: Buttons say shapes or colors
  • Music: Buttons play melodies
  • Wild: Buttons make jungle animal sounds
  • Features:
  • There are 70 activities, songs and sounds
  • Flipping books
  • Spinning drum with alphabet
  • Numbers engraved into the walker
  • Glowing light dome
  • Piano keys
  • Spinning ball
  • 2 animal clickers
  • Gears that turn
  • Peek-a-boo slider that roars and has a mirror