Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on Monday featured a great looking Jungle Gym Climbing frame. The ITV garden makeover show on 1st July gave Jamies old climbing frame a real makeover by replacing it with a fantastic looking Jungle Gym Climbing frame.  The Jungle Farm climbing frame was combined with a single swing module to give Jamie a really great wooden climbing frame.  Love Your Garden is a top rated TV show on ITV that gives viewers loads of gardening ideas and tips. If you watched the programme and need any further information on the Jungle Gym climbing frame featured on the show or any of the other climbing frames in the Jungle Gym range please do get in touch.

Love your Garden

Jungle Gym Farm Features on Love Your Garden

There are numerous different Jungle Gym towers to choose from depending upon the size of your garden and your families requirements. The Jungle Gym Farm was lucky enough to star in Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden. This is a very rustic good looking climbing frame that will suit any garden. It features a domed roof to give extra head room and a wavy slide, in a choice of colours (red, blue, yellow and green).  The Jungle Gym Farm has tons of features to keep your child occupied and encourage them to the play outdoors. This wooden climbing frame has two different levels. The bottom level can be either used as a sandpit or can be turned into a playhouse, as shown on Love Your Garden. The upper level of the Jungle Farm is covered by a domed roof and has a standing height of 160cm. The wavy slide is a fun and quick way to reach the bottom. The upper level can be accessed either by the front ladder or the more challenging rock wall. This makes it perfect for when friends to come to play as there are multiple access points.  The PeekOscope can be attached anywhere on the wooden climbing frame and is great for keeping an eye on what is going on.

Jungle Gym Farm on Love your Garden

Love Your Garden

The Jungle Gym Farm that was featured on Love Your Garden had some extra features attached. The Jungle Gym tower itself is currently on offer at £949. The Jungle Gym Climbing frame featured on Love Your Garden was the Jungle Gym Farm with the addition of a playhouse module, a single swing module and a bucket module. The great thing about Jungle Gym climbing frames is that they are modular so they can be built to your individual requirements.

Jungle Gym Barn Features

  • Climbing Rocks wall
  • PeekOscope™
  • Sandbox
  • Ladder
  • Jungle Flag™
  • 4 Ground Anchors
  • 2 Bumper Pads™
  • 8 Handgrips
  • Slide 300 cm