Love Outdoor Play

In previous Jungle Gym climbing frame posts we have talked about the benefits of outdoor play for children. There is now a campaign led by Play England called Love Outdoor Play. The Love Outdoor Play campaign is asking everyone to participate in making sure that more children can play out more often. Outdoor play is so very important for children. It encourages them to seek out fresh air, exercise and activity. It has also been found that children who do play outdoors and engage in more active activities are less likely to spend all their time at home playing video games or watching TV. This also carries onto later life. If you had an active outdoor childhood you are more likely to participate in healthy outdoor activities as an adult. Playing on a Jungle Gym climbing frame is just one way that children can play outdoors and have fun.

Jungle Gym Says Lets Play Outdoors

Children need access to the outdoors to be able to run, jump, climb and explore. Playing outdoors is part of a healthy upbring and one that every child should have the opportunity to do. Outdoor environments fulfil children’s basic needs for freedom, adventure, experimentation, risk taking and just being children (Greenman,1993). Having a Jungle Gym climbing frame in your back garden is one way to encourage children to play outdoors and is great for physical play. However, outdoor play can be very simple, a walk in the local woods or flying a kite in an area of open space.

Ideas for Outdoor Play

So if you have not got the space or budget for a Jungle Gym climbing frame there are plenty of other games that can be played outdoors, when all you need is space. What about tag, or stuck in the mud or hide and seek? All these games get children being active and having fun outdoors. What about heading to your local woodland and building a den – great fun and free!

Outdoor Play Whatever the Weather

As adults we tend to be put off by the weather. But try not to let the weather dampen your spirits, after all it is only a bit of rain. Children will have so much fun putting on their waterproofs and wellies and going for a walk and what’s more you’ll probably feel energised after it too. Children have fantastic imaginations, something that we have previously written about in some of our other Jungle Gym climbing frame posts. Give children some outdoor space and you’ll be amazed by what games they come up with and this is an essential part of them learning and developing.

Here at Crocodile Web Group think the Love Outdoor Play Campaign is a fantastic idea and want to spread the word.