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Blue Rabbit Climbing Frames

Blue Rabbit climbing frames are Belgium brand, which we are proud to sell at Crocodile Web Group. Blue Rabbit are manufactures of wooden climbing frames that are durable and safe. Blue Rabbit climbing frames have been developed for the DIY market and are therefore designed to be self assembled. All the timber is provided for the climbing frame and is cut and dispatched from the UK. All Blue Rabbit products come with full instructions and all the relevant components.

Crocodile Web Group

Here at Crocodile Web Group we are a family run business, with a firm focus on quality, value for money and customer service. Our customers are very important to us and we strive to give excellent customer service. Please, if you have any questions about your Blue Rabbit climbing frame or need advice on which tower to choose please contact us – we are always happy to chat.

Crocodile Web Group only sells wooden climbing frames and this is a deliberate choice. Blue Rabbit climbing frames are designed for the domestic market so they have struck a great balance between appearance and function. In short Blue Rabbit climbing frames look good in any back garden. Wooden climbing frames require no more maintenance than a metal frame and look so much better, they blend into the garden more.

Blue Rabbit Reviews

We hope you and your child enjoy your Blue Rabbit climbing frame and we would ask you to leave a review of the product on our site, to help inform other parents when choosing a wooden climbing frame. Also, we love to see photos of finished climbing frames so please email them through to us or post them on our Facebook page.

We want our customers to tell their friends about us and come back.

Why buy a Wooden Climbing Frame from Crocodile Web Group

[icon icon=”icon-thumbs-up”][/icon]Great customer service, product knowledge and support

[icon icon=”icon-thumbs-up”][/icon]Free UK day delivery all Climbing Frame Towers

[icon icon=”icon-thumbs-up”][/icon]All timber pre cut to size for easy assembly

[icon icon=”icon-thumbs-up”][/icon]10 year anti rot and ant-infestation guarantee on all timber

[icon icon=”icon-thumbs-up”][/icon]Modular climbing frame design, so can be added to as children grow


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